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The zoo has been connected with Thai people for more than 60 years. Although different in the past, there has been an increase in the number of zoos in the country. The presentation of the service is mixed with knowledge, technologies and many different sciences; this has led to the zoos being more useful than before.Government zoos are a place for the people to enjoy and relax. Also they are a learning source for now and the future. We have developed due to competition with other countries, and use the income from visitors to develop the nation. Integration and development in the future is linked directly with customer numbers. The beautiful and pleasant environment, coupled with a variety of animals result in the perfect zoo, providing an excellent place to learn about nature and wildlife. It takes the whole day to enjoy a zoo, when people come and visit zoos they feel satisfied and like to spend a lot of time there, often visiting again many times in their lifetime. Nowadays, many countries around the world are realizing the importance of zoos. There are more than 1,000 new zoos in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Developing and advancing zoos has many benefits for society. Modern zoos can share their discoveries to help reform many things, such as the culture of the education system, associated technologies and in making people aware of the importance of protecting their wildlife and natural resources. The 4 sustained environment operation policies of Khao Kheow Open Zoo are wild animal conservation, education, research and providing recreational areas. Nowadays every service is an important mechanism that supports each other. It means that the zoo develops with a solid foundation.
1. To manage and take care of animals and conservation. Including keeping the balance between nature and the environment, this will be beneficial for the country.
2. To educate, study, research and provide recreational areas for the development of the mind. This will help people of all ages to realize how important the conservation of their natural environment and surroundings is.
3. To develop Khao Kheow Open Zoo to be well known and recognized as a relaxing place.
The zoo’s integration of the four policies is the arrangement of the zoo to become a recreational area with a base of knowledge and understanding that the conservation of wild life and the environment is paramount. Khao Kheow Open Zoo has been supported by the government and the media since its foundation. Before, the area was used to release the excess animals from Dusit zoo back into the environment. We have been successfully developing the zoo for 25 years so that everyone can enjoy and support it in the future. The relationship between man and animal has been going on for a long time, there is evidence from the past that this is for more than 4,000 years. Since then man has discovered how useful animals are and even took wild animals for use in wars. Animals are symbols of belief in religions and are used for work or show especially in Asian countries such as India and China. Over time the ways of life of society have been changing all the time, with zoos changing from small stalls or travelling circus’ to large, fixed locations, using more space and materials, leading to the refinement and improvement of the complex management systems. During our 25 years of operation at Khao Kheow Open Zoo we have purposely distributed, publicized and presented a new image of the social service provided by Thai zoos, raising the standard to make us a top class zoo in the world, developing alongside current society.
1. The presentation area is an area for the varieties of wild animals to live in. We try to create a suitable place for each animal, as close to their natural environment as possible. Visitors can walk around and explore the area, for example Eld’s Deer Park and The Walk through Aviary. This area is about 400 acres in size.

2. The education and Research area is the largest area, which is where the wild animals live within their natural environment. There is ongoing developing and improvement so that the animals can live and eat as they would in the wild.This area is useful for research and will be used for research projects in the future. Research operations are set up here to breed endangered and rare animals. For example the Painted Stork and the Pelican back to nature project. This area is about 1,400 acres in size and closed to visitors.

3. The service area is an area set apart from the presentation and the education and research area. There are many things to do, there are places to take a rest, a food court and the lake. This area is about 200 acres in size. Khao Kheow Open Zoo is situated at 235 moo 7, Tumbun Bangpra, Ampur Sriracha, Chonburi. It belongs to the Zoological Park Organization under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King in the Ministry of Natural Resource and Development. There are more than 250 varieties and about 3,000 animals. There are also place to relax and learn about the animals. We are located close to the town and tourist areas of Pattaya and Bangsan.